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Albino Sunfire Platinum

Clark Strain Albino, Sunfire, Platinum


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These unbelievable looking retics are one of the brightest, most intense albinos you can make ! With the Clark Strain Albino (White, Lavender, or Purple) giving it the base color, and then the two enhancer genes stacked on top of the albino makes for this otherworldly looking reptile. The Platinum gene is going to keep brightening up the animal as it ages, making these into some of the best looking adults possible. When it comes to breeding, these open up some amazing options for killer looking Orange Glow and Mochino projects along with some options to make some insane Albino combinations with other genetics ! 

Lavender Sunfire Platinum Male
ID # LaPlSu001M
Old price: $950.00
Price: $700.00